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By Stephen King

Teenager Arnie Cunningham is determined to buy the dilapidated red and white 1958 Plymouth Fury on sale for $250 even though his friends and family advise him not to. He painstakingly and  lovingly restores the vehicle at a do-it-yourself body shop. The cost of refurbishing  the mysterious vintage vehicle surpasses Arnie's budget and level of expertise, yet the car, who the seller named "Christine," seems to be looking and working sharper day by day, until it is suprprisngly restored to its former glory.

However, Arnie and his new old car do not  live "happily ever after" from here. The bad vibes Arnie's friend Dennis  gets when  riding in the car prove  true  when Christine starts unleashing her supernatural powers by transforming Arnie's personality, viewing his love interest Leigh as an enemy, and wreaking all  other  sorts of havoc.  To minimize the risk of entering the spoiler zone, the description will end here, but the intriguing nature of this oldie but goodie will keep you engrossed. Perfect for a snowy day or a plane ride.