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By Tami Jaegel

This book is both intriguing and thrilling.  Set in our state’s capitall, you follow a triangle of FBI agents, common folk, and the homeless through an excitingly chilling experience.  The main character, Corrina, finds her self in the possession of some top secret information, and from the second her eyes meet this letter, her life is turned upside down.  The government is trying to test nuclear drugs on D.C.’s homeless population, and the story's heroic FBI agent,  Blackmoor,  is on a mission to uncover the layers of truth behind this atrocity. You will not believe who is behind it all!

Each character has a back story that intertwines them to everyone else in the  novel.  Filled with intrigue, crime, and  romance, this page-turner leaves you wanting more.  I loved reading this book and hope there are many more like this to follow!