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A Touch of Stardust
By Kate Alcott

It's 1938 Hollywood. Wide-eyed Julie Crawford arrives from Indiana and miraculously lands a job  in the publicity office of movie mogul David O. Selznick. Gone With the Wind is at the height of production. Selznick is obsessed with hoop skirts and Scarlett O'Hara. And Julie finds herself totally mesmerized by the glitz and gossip of Tinsel Town.

Things really move into high gear for Julie when the brash, blonde Carole Lombard comes along, seeking  an  assistant capable of deflecting attention away from her steamy affair with the very-married Clark Gable. Julie happily accepts the challenge and embarks on a journey full of secrets and scandals, decadence, and drama.

As a first-hand witness  immersed in old Hollywood glamour, Julie  is able to provide details, not only about the greatest film ever made, but also about one  of filmdom's most romantic couples.

Whether you're a Windy (an obsessed Gone With the Wind fan) or just an avid reader in search of a great book with a cleverly structured plot in a larger-than-life setting, then this one's for you.